We’re the Smart Team and we all have the same values running through our veins, which means we all want the same for you and regardless of who you connect with below that same warm familiar and reassuring feeling will be there.

Incidentally if you embody our core values and want to know what it’s like to jump out of bed in the morning and skip to work with a smile, get in touch and let us know what you’re all about. Or check out our Current Vacancies.

  • Jon Jenkins
    Jon Jenkins Business Development Director
  • Emma Chen
    Emma Chen Client Services Manager
  • Mike Da Silva
    Mike Da Silva Technologist
  • Kim Eary
    Kim Eary Office Manager
  • Jason Robertson
    Jason Robertson
  • Gaynor Garraway
    Gaynor Garraway
  • Lucy Read
    Lucy Read Apprentice Accountant

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