Podio is an online collaboration, CRM, intranet, project management system (basically you decide how you want to use it with over 600 free apps that you can tailor to fit your workflow) that integrates with many of the other business tools we love and use on a daily basis such as Dropbox, Evernote and  Google Apps.  Podio connects all of the people you work with and all your workflows in one place.  With more and more clients wanting to make use of cloud solutions we thought we would road test some of these apps for them so here is our Podio Review.

Podio Signup

Easy peasy.  Go to the website and signup for an account.  No messing around with credit cards it genuinely is free for the first 5 employees and 5 external members so you pay nothing until you exceed this or you get close to your 1GB storage limit in which case you will be contacted by Podio to inform you.

Podio Pricing

In some instances the time savings or productivity gains from a paid subscription can pay dividends.  In this case I would say that if you needed the paid subscription then stop going to Starbucks the money will be put to better use with your Podio subscription.  There is a free version of Podio as well as paid one and you can see the major differences below (for a full listing go to Podio:

Podio Pricing

Source: Podio

Podio Pros

  • Easy to use and set up and if you get stuck watch the videos on YouTube
  • Go mobile – Podio have built a great app which is just as good as working on the system itself it is that good.  I would probably go so far as to say the one I have enjoyed using the most.  No half arsed measures here with just a few of the features you would expect online which is often the norm.
  • The fact that you can use the system for the purpose for which you need it means it can grow with your business needs.  You will not have to be bed hopping if you use Podio unless you are into that then go for your life but we feel we have found a long term partner that will help us to grow.
  • The sheer scale of pre-built App packs means that you can have a fully functioning CRM or intranet up and running in minutes, not weeks and you can easily modify the pre-built App packs to suit your needs.
  • Hold all correspondence in one place by using the email storage functionality so all members of the team know what is happening with that lead
  • Create webforms specific to each workspace such as CRM to add to your website and collect leads direct into Podio
  • Lots of really great videos at Podio’s YouTube channel to show you exactly what it can do and how to do it
  • Great support just Tweet @podiosupport for a pretty instantaneous answer
  • Integration with Google Apps

Podio Cons

  • The guy in the Podio videos voice is saying he is bored which just cannot be (sorry that’s all I’ve got – I’ll try harder promise)

Podio and Google Apps Integration

You can set up new tasks from within an email if you are using Gmail and assign it to members of your team with due dates etc.  On top of this the calendars are synched so Tasks, meetings etc set up or amended in Podio are added to your Gmail calendar but what is truly awesome is that you can use the slider to decide just what level you want – personal, workspaces, everything you are assigned to or everything.  You can link to Google Drive so documents can then be attached to your workspaces.

Podio Overall

Overall we are so excited we almost wet our pants.  No one loves apps more than we do as a tool for improving your productivity and making life easier.  Podio will mean that I can roll up what I am doing in Trello, Zoho CRM and Producteev into one product and at my level of business it is currently free.  That is awesome.  I don’t think I’ve ever been happier – sorry kids.  It’s that good I would consider paying for it, even though its free.

Want to see more then why not sign up and watch a Podio Deminar which gives a great overview in around 30 minutes.  We watched one before we dived in as there is just so much to play with.  This was a bit like reading the instructions before using the TV which for a man is unheard of but believe me good things come to those who wait.

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