Why Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the latest craze but with there being so many new fads people have stopped listening.  There is too much noise for business owners to take it all in.  Cloud computing though is not a fad or a craze it is the present and the future of the way to do business.  Cloud computing enables small business to compete with big business in a way never possible before.  We are passionate about cloud computing, so much so that we are currently undergoing a process of replacing all desktop software with cloud applications.  Let us explain why.

Why Cloud Computing?

The world has changed.  People’s needs, wants and desires have also changed.  The way in which you do business must change in line with that.  Running a mediocre business is no longer good enough in these difficult times.  Customers want products and services better, cheaper and quicker than before.  Forgetting business for a moment think about how as an individual the way in which you shop, play, communicate and spend have changed in the last 5 years.  HD, touch screens, digital media, social media, ebooks, smart phones, to name a few – scary isn’t it.

All of those changes have happened largely due to the development and improvement of technology and the internet.  If you pay close attention to what is happening in that environment there seems to be no let up in pace.  Google has been around for just 8 years!  Imagine where we could be in the next 8 years.

The smarter businesses are using the mass of information now available to listen to consumers and provide products and services that give a solution.  The days of providing products and services and producing mass advertising campaigns on TV and radio to brainwash people into buying are gone.  They do not work any more because we choose to ignore them.

The way in which the world has changed is to the benefit of start ups and small businesses as the advancement of cloud computing technology enables them to be agile and service the needs of niche markets.  A few years ago the costs of building an e-commerce site would have been a barrier to entry but the availability of free or monthly subscription services enables businesses to access products and services they would not have before been able to afford.

You can now turn yourself into a respected and powerful brand purely through the use of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all cloud computing applications.  These cost nothing more than the time you are prepared to invest in them.  Many people can now run online businesses at the same time as working giving them the peace of mind as to whether they can earn a living before making the plunge.

Cloud computing is much easier and quicker to set up with minimal training requirements.  Before starting in business was all about skills.  Not any more it is about passion, knowledge and time.  If you can put the time in you can be successful as there is now an abundance of cheap skills available.

What is Cloud Computing?

I could try and write an explanation of cloud computing but this video says it and more.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Reduced IT Costs – you no longer need to set up and install software yourself leaving your time free to run your business.  Hardware costs for new servers and back up devices can be replaced with off site maintenance contracts.
  • Scalability – it is easier to upscale and downscale your requirements.  Some cloud computing applications come with unlimited users so you will not have to pay more as the business grows.
  • Access to new technologies – you will always be on the latest version ensuring you never miss any of those new features released.  This gives you access to functionality you may otherwise never have been able to afford.
  • Flexible working practices – desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.  Work where and when it suits you with colleagues collaborating in real time.  Unchain yourself from the desk and make better use of those spare moments.
  • Enterprise level back-up – more secure and robust than that dusty old server sitting in the corner.
  • Environmental factors – reduce energy consumption and equipment wastage.
  • Time savings – stop pulling your hair out updating that version of Sage and be safe in the knowledge you are on the latest version and it has not taken time out of your day
  • Improved productivity – work anytime, anywhere

You might say that we love cloud computing and you would be right.  It has single handedly changed the way in which we do business and also the way we look to do business in the future.  There is only one constant in business and that is constant change.  If you do not like change then cloud computing is probably not for you.  On the other hand you could be an innovator or early adopter and reap the business benefits and take advantage whilst the rest of the world gets in the 21st century.

I know what the cynics amongst you are thinking – what if you don’t have an internet connection?  True you could live in the middle of nowhere in which case move – move into the 21st century.  You never know you might just like it.

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