Confirmation Statements – The New Annual Returns

In 2016, the annual return was replaced by the confirmation statement. Previously, if your annual return was late, you’d get a gentle slap on the wrists from Companies House. With the [...]

£3.4bn more paid in VAT by small businesses

HMRC have actually collected £3.4bn more in VAT from SMEs in the last financial year through the use of tax investigations. How has this happened? And is this something you should be worried [...]

Marriage Allowance and Family-Owned Companies

The Marriage Allowance scheme allows you to reduce your tax bill by up to £230 in the tax year. But is that the best way to handle your tax affairs if you’re a self-employed director in a [...]

How Pensions Work

Welcome to the Smart Team’s four-part guide to pensions. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be looking at: how pensions work the differences between private/personal pensions and workplace (auto [...]