Capital Versus Revenue for Landlords

Capital versus revenue for landlords – now, this is a topic that’s been causing a lot of debate and disagreements with HMRC for over 20 years now. However, if you let out properties, it’s one of [...]

Simple Assessment – the end of Self Assessment (for some)

Simple assessment is a new way of reporting your income to HMRC and making payment – for some. For most of the 11 million of us who fill in Self Assessment forms, nothing’s going to change. But, [...]

Shareholders’ agreements and selling part of your company’s shares

Shareholders’ agreements – something every limited company, unincorporated partnership, and limited liability partnership should have in place. But surely this is more legal than accounting so [...]

Rental Income Splits – What You Need to Know

If you have property you let out, you need to know about rental income splits and how HMRC views them. The law has been settled on rental income splits for a little while now for married couples [...]