Removing your home address from Companies House records

Removing your home address from Companies House records

It’s now a lot easier for company directors, secretaries, LLP members, and people with significant control to remove their home address details from the public record.

The Companies Act of 2006 has recently been amended by Parliament using The Companies (Disclosure of Address) (Amendment) Regulations 2018. A record of addresses of company directors, secretaries, LLP members, and people with significant control will still be held by Companies House but they will not be shown on the public record once the necessary action to remove it has been taken.


What’s changed?

Initially, you could request that Companies House remove your home address from the records entirely or withhold it from credit reference agencies like Equifax or CallCredit but only under certain circumstances. Those circumstances were:

  • if you have been threatened (you needed to provide a police incident number)
  • evidence (like a recording or an image) or a threat or an actual attack
  • evidence that you’ve been targeted by activists or protestors
  • proof that your activities put you at risk because you work for a particular company.

Each application to do so cost £55 – you can request the form by emailing The fee for removal from credit reference agency searches was £100. These prices remain the same following the recent changes.

Under the new regulations, you no longer have to demonstrate a risk of violence or intimidation against you to have your home address removed.

With the old system, even if you did prove the threat and the registrar, in their determination, agreed with you that your address should be withheld, it was very difficult to get them to remove your details from the public record on documents delivered on or after 1 January 2003. The new regulations have made this a lot easier.


What do you need to know?

If your home address is also your business address, you still will not be able to remove it from the record.

You will still have to provide a servicing address to Companies House – this address will replace your home address on the public record. If you are a former member of a company, you will not need to supply a service address – instead, the historic address listed on Companies House will be suppressed, only displaying the first half of your postcode (the so-called “outer postcode”).

When applying to Companies House for removal, you’ll need to give them the following:

  • all the companies you have or had a shareholding in whose records you want amending, and
  • every document that you want amending (Companies House can determine this by the name of the document, the registration date of the document, or the title or form of the number)


Why is this happening?

The growing prevalence of online fraud has meant that companies directors are “twice as likely as other members of the public to be victims of identity theft), according to CIFA and as reported by solicitors Kerman & Co.


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