Xero New Navigation

Xero New Navgation

Xero New Navigation will be live in Xero soon so we thought we would give you a quick heads up on the changes that you will see. This may not sound like a big deal as Xero are constantly tweaking the product design but we have never seen the Xero Navigation touched in such a way before.

The Xero Navigation changes have taken place using hundreds of testers and thousands of man hours. I know just think of all the cool things you could do in that time but it shows the dedication by the Xero team to provide you with a great tool.

Xero New Navigation – what prompted such a radical re-think?

Lack of logic, to many clicks, too much accounting jargon to name a few. The new redesign also looks a lot easier for mobile devices which is becoming a common theme. Even the fattest of fingers will be able to use the system.  Check out the full FAQS for Small Businesses to better understand the Xero New Navigation changes.

About the Xero New Navigation

We are not going to regurgitate the detail which can be found on the Xero New Navigation help guide but we did think we would put our own spin on things. As such please find below a comparison of old and new. What better way to see the actual changes then putting them side by side (its no masterpiece we know but hopefully it will help).  We know we were struggling to come to grips with this until we saw them together.

Here’s the guide to make sense of the below:

Green Tick – all good, all or nearly everything is the same here
Red Cross – oh dear, they’ve only gone and moved it completely
Red Circle – whats that I see, a brand new entry
Green Line – its the same only different
Yellow Line – same name, different location


Xero New Navigation Conclusion

To wrap things up we actually quite like the xero new navigation which is odd as we never had any issues with the old one.  That being said when you compare the two above the new navigation is much cleaner and modern in look.  It actually feels more Xero than the old one which looks dated in comparison.  The extra height in the menus giving rise to better finger control on mobile devices.  Making the xero new navigation half the height of the old one also gives you more visibility of your data on the screen.

Adding a Do More with Xero section gives prominence to the other products in the Xero armoury and why not after all it is there product.  The App marketplace being re-positioned may entice a few more users to get involved in some of the other great apps in the ecosystem which we are all for.  If you want to know more about what wonderful things you could be doing have a chat with the team over at Just Add Tech.

Are the changes in menus and where things are hidden any better?  Time will tell but for now I think we can live with the overhaul.  One things for sure I don’t think the blank blue space in the xero new navigation in the main app will stay that way for long.  I wait with bated breath to see what Xero fill it with.

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