Working at Smart

As well as a competitive salary, every employee at Smart Team also gets to enjoy the benefits listed below.

  • Pension – feel free to pay into the company pension scheme and we will do the same. Pay as little or as much as you like and benefit from an annual review from our Financial Advisor.
  • Free Parking – doesn’t seem like a big deal until you don’t have it. The office comes with car parking for all. Your own space right outside the door. Working at Smart you have made it!
  • Christmas Close – season’s greetings to you and your family as the office is shut between Christmas and New Year.  Spend time with family and friends when it most matters.
  • Personal Training Plan – every team member gets given a plan to achieve their personal and business goals. Working together we will map out your future and what we can do make it a reality.
  • Monthly Reviews – none of that year end stuff. Regular reviews and two-way feedback will ensure you are in a good place to do a great job and we know as a business where we can improve.
  • Training Budget – each member of the team gets to spend up to 5% of their annual salary each year on improving themselves. We want you to achieve your personal and business goals and this will help.


If you want to work at Smart Team you must have the following Key Staff Attributes:

  1. Technology proficient
  2. Excellent communicator
  3. Ability to accept constant change
  4. Right personality
  5. Love learning



Unfortunately we are currently not recruiting but please send your CV below and we will keep your details on hand for any future roles.

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