What’s behind Britain’s Late Payment Crisis?

What’s behind Britain’s Late Payment Crisis? The Tungsten Network’s initial ‘Friction Index’ report has found that slow internal processes and a lack of automation are proving to be the biggest [...]

EC Sales List

EC Sales List If your business supplies VAT-registered companies within the EU, you’ll need to complete an EC sales list. Here’s what an EC sales list is and what you need to know.   EC [...]

Simple Assessment – the end of Self Assessment (for some)

Simple assessment is a new way of reporting your income to HMRC and making payment – for some. For most of the 11 million of us who fill in Self Assessment forms, nothing’s going to change. But, [...]

Confirmation Statements – The New Annual Returns

In 2016, the annual return was replaced by the confirmation statement. Previously, if your annual return was late, you’d get a gentle slap on the wrists from Companies House. With the [...]

Fathom Review

Fathom is an online financial analysis and performance reporting tool. Complete with financial KPI analysis, cash flow analysis, profitability analysis, growth analysis, trend analysis, and ‘what [...]

Capsule Review

Capsule CRM is an online CRM system that integrates with many of the other business tools we love and use on a daily basis such as Xero and MailChimp.  With more and more clients wanting to make [...]

Podio Review

Podio is an online collaboration, CRM, intranet, project management system (basically you decide how you want to use it with over 600 free apps that you can tailor to fit your workflow) that [...]

Sage Conversion to Xero

Sage or QuickBooks to Xero Conversion During the month of September 2014 you can get a FREE Sage or QuickBooks to Xero conversion.  This means you can bring across two years worth of [...]

Why Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the latest craze but with there being so many new fads people have stopped listening.  There is too much noise for business owners to take it all in.  Cloud computing though is [...]