Taking on an apprentice

Taking on an apprentice Even despite the recent changes to the Apprenticeship scheme, employers are taking up the chance of hiring fresh-from-school or fresh-from-college talent for their [...]

ISA, LISA, or pension?

ISA, LISA, or pension?   In 2017, the government launched the Lifetime Individual Savings Account (LISA). There are now three major savings vehicles for consumers to choose from – the [...]

How to prepare your SME for investment

How to prepare your SME for investment   If there was ever a time to prepare your SME for investment, that time is now. At Smart Team, we understand that going for investment into your SME [...]

Up to £100,000 in loan funding – Smart Team

Up to £100,000 in loan funding – Smart Team   The government have recently launched a new initiative that means your company could be entitled to a loan of up to £100,000. If you’re planning [...]

Transferring your cash ISA

Transferring your cash ISA   Given the recent rise in Bitcoin, it’s a shame we’re not all invested in it. For most of us, we choose to shelter our savings in either pensions or ISAs. An [...]

Funding Circle

There are now more options than ever before for companies to borrow money. Traditionally, new start businesses and firms less than 2 years old have struggled to get their hands on finance. Now, [...]

Calculating Gross Profit Margins

If you do not know what your gross profit margin is how do you know whether you are making enough money to cover your overheads, tax and make a profit to pay yourself? Far to often we are coming [...]