Paying Corporation Tax to HMRC


Your Corporation Tax liability for the month should be paid electronically 9 months and 1 day after your year end.  For example, a 31st March year end would be payable by 1st January 2016.  Always check bank holidays as the payment will not reach their account on a bank holiday so you will need to bring the payment date forward accordingly.

To find your liability there are several places you will find this.  We would suggest you revert back to our email we sent you when the accounts were sent for signing.  This details the amount to pay and the deadline for payment.

To make payment to the revenue, the following bank details should be used:

For alternative ways to make a payment to HMRC, please visit:

When making the payment please ensure you quote your Unique Tax Office Reference (UTR) as the payment reference.  This will ensure the revenue correctly allocate the payment against your account.  The UTR is a 10 digit reference, and can be found on any HMRC correspondence regarding your corporation tax.  It can also be found on the CT600 tax return we sent you for signing along with the accounts.

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