Our core packages

  • Take Off
    £199+ Monthly
    • Think of it as our low cost, "I’ve got my sh*t sorted" option where you simply want your compliance issues taken care of and a proactive advisor on standby.
    • Suits businesses with turnover up to £100k
    • Suits 'lifestyle businesses'
    • Suits 'small businesses'
    • Basic accountancy
    • All compliance
  • Accelerate
    £299+ Monthly
    • Now you're taking off and are shifting it up a gear. You need peace of mind that the basics are sorted while you focus on building your business. You need a proactive advisor who can help you understand your financial performance, without the bullsh*t.
    • Suits businesses with turnover up to £250k
    • Suits businesses with 1 or 2 staff
    • Suits owner managed businesses
    • All accountancy and bookkeeping
    • Creating and measuring KPI's
  • Velocity
    £449+ Monthly
    • You've arrived and you want more than just the basics. You have a thirst to know that the changes you are making are having a positive impact on your business and your personal wealth. You therefore need some structured management information to review, chew over with your advisor and tweak your plans.
    • Suits businesses with turnover up to £100k
    • Suits SME's with staff
    • Suits businesses over 3 or 4 years old
    • All accountancy and bookkeeping
    • Quarterly accounts
    • Quarterly meetings with Smart Team
  • Rocket
    £999+ Monthly
    • You have a few years under your belt - now its time to take it up a level. You have BIG ideas and want to get on with it. You need the basics dealt with and regular financial advice. You want your advisor to be more like a business partner, to provide advice, be a sounding board for ideas and to tell it how it is. You want to move from being a Job Owner to a Business Owner.
    • Suits businesses with turnover over £500k
    • Suits medium to large businesses
    • Suits fast growing business
    • Suits business where cashflow is of particular importance
    • All accountancy and bookkeeping
    • Monthly accounts
    • Monthly meetings with Smart Team

Strategy & Projects

Offering you expert business and finance advice to help your business grow and thrive
Project Management
Taking responsibility for key business and system projects within your business
Ensuring real time knowledge of physical stock without manual intervention and reconciliation
Sales Process
Sales Process
Simplifying, mapping and automating your sales process using the latest technology, therefore maximising opportunities and winning more business
Integrating all your back office systems so they speak to eachother, therefore improving reporting, staff productivity, decision making and reducing errors
Using the latest technology to manage your processes, contacts, data and communication therefore ensuring maximum sales and productivity
Optimising and bringing more simplicity and intelligence to the entire finance function of your business, therefore reducing costs and improving profit and productivity
Time Saving & Efficiency
Time Saving & Efficiency
We'll use the latest technology to improve the productivity and efficiency of the people, systems and processes within your business to maximise profit

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